Motherhood and Beyond

Welcome to my blog!

I have always been passionate about two things: my love for clothes and writing. Two things that make up for who I am. For the past year though, I have been doing nothing but exclusively take care of my daughter. Being a mother is certainly no walk in the park. In fact, it probably is the most undervalued and hardest thing to do in life. Some days, I’m tempted to dump my kid in the hands of “yaya”. Just the thought of having a day to myself, curled up in bed with a good book on my lap, while sipping a fresh brewed coffee is pure bliss; or catching the last full show at the theaters without having to rush home because you need to pump. These are things I never thought would be considered a luxury pre-baby days when I neglected all those times I could have done that. Nowadays, its either I’m rushing to feed my baby, or rushing off to do a quick grocery stop to shop for baby’s food. I can’t seem to have a moments’ peace of time. But every time I’m about to hand over my baby to the “yaya” for some much needed break, those guilt hormones starts clawing its way out, ripping through every pore I have and didn’t know I have, and I quietly retreats back into mommy zone with baby tucked nice and tight in my arms.


But being hands on also means getting out of energy from lack of sleep and exhaustion. It seems like I was only getting crankier by the day and subpar on playing the role of a tender loving caring mom that my family deserves.

I decided that the only way to be a super mom is if I’m at my best. And being my best is me being able to do what I love to do. You know those cheesy sci-fi action movies where heroes get knocked down to their knees and after some pep talk from their sidekick they get up again and kick the villain’s ass? I’m somewhere in the middle of getting my ass kicked at the moment. Even super heroes know when to keep their capes in their closet—or at least a good wash in the laundry—to prepare their best.

So here’s the plan: keep myself busy (besides baby), and actually start doing what I’ve been wanting to ever since. Thus this blog came to life. It’s always been a hobby of mine to write, so I’m taking this opportunity to finally do something about it. Instead of procrastinating, as I would have done before, now is all about taking actions and taking control of things. I’ve also enrolled myself to a fashion school and see what my love for clothes can do for me. Who knows what these passions of mine can lead to right? Im keeping myself a mental note of “Just Do It” attitude just in case. J

Definitely looking forward to a lot of new changes, baby included.



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