Taking Baby Steps Alongside My Baby


I finally did it.

I finally went ahead and enrolled myself to fashion school to satiate my hunger of love for clothes. There’s something about clothes that naturally draws me into its world. I have a feeling it has something to do with projecting a sense of power. You know the part when geeky Anne Hathaway started wearing trendy clothes and magically transformed into a badass chic with attitude to boot during The Devil Wears Prada? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Never underestimate the power of a good outfit. Plus, free clothes!—sort of. Window shopping never looked this appetizing when you’re really canvassing whatever is the latest trend so you can make a replica of it at home with a twist of your own flair.


I hope I can say goodbye to absurdly overpriced branded clothes and say hello to custom made designs by yours truly. So here’s what went through during my first class: everyone is oh-so-fashionista, and everything looks like Project Runway Philippines-y. For starters, I took up Basic Patternmaking to kickstart my love for fashion. It involves a lot of manila papers, measurements, and (surprise!)—Math. I was surprised that creating wardrobes with pieces of fabrics are injected with a bit of arithmetic. Which makes sense if you think of the science of effective cost cutting materials. We started our lessons with default measurements and drafted my very first basic skirt with pattern paper. This pattern making is certainly nurturing the obsessive compulsive in me with all the need for accurate measurements. I was surprised that creating a skirt involves a lot of steps and measurements to create. I used to think (pre-lesson) that skirts are probably the most “cash cow” for all the simplicity it takes. I certainly wont be poking fun at how easy it is to make a skirt any time soon.


I think I need to start drafting a workable schedule on how to juggle baby duties while learning the craft of dressmaking soon.

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