Traveling Mom Hacks

My husband and I have been planning to make a quick out of country get away this summer and I have been constantly racking my brain on coming up with a must-bring list for the possible trip. My baby just turned one so that means she already takes solids. This also means that my top … Continue reading Traveling Mom Hacks


Fifty Sage of Green

*photo taken from internet I have always been partial on all shades of color green from the lightest to the darkest. So I’m pretty psyched that this year, it’s all about the greenery for pantone. I’m already scheming about the shades and tones of the color that would go perfect for tops and dresses. As … Continue reading Fifty Sage of Green

The Life of a Breastfeeding Mom

Today marks exactly a month after I quit breastfeeding my child so I thought to write about breastfeeding. I thought this would elicit a feeling of pure euphoria for me but what I didn't expect is the also the feeling of sadness. For the past year, I have dedicated my life to a 30-minute pumping … Continue reading The Life of a Breastfeeding Mom

Sewing on Paper

I remember the first time I drove a car. I was nervous yet excited at the same time. As an eighteen year old, the adrenaline rush of tasting what it’s like to be an independent adult made me feel giddy enough to have a hard time operating the pedals of a manual car. I was … Continue reading Sewing on Paper