Traveling Mom Hacks

My husband and I have been planning to make a quick out of country get away this summer and I have been constantly racking my brain on coming up with a must-bring list for the possible trip. My baby just turned one so that means she already takes solids. This also means that my top concern would be her food for the duration of the trip. At home, I usually cook congee mixed with pureed veggie or meat for lunch and dinner to my kid. I try to give her fresh food as much as possible and tend to avoid store bought boxes and cans. The first meal I served her came from a box though. Her pediatrician recommended rice cereal as her first meal so I got one from Healthy Options. And guess what, she doesn’t like it at all! The health-junkie mommy in me is jumping for joy, but the millennial mom in me is crying out loud. The first thing that popped into my head is what will she eat during the trip? I did give her commercial food in the past but nothing I’ve tried suited well with her. In fact, she rejected it outright even just having a whiff of the stuff.


Happy as I was she doesn’t like foods that came from boxes or cans, I cannot deny it also takes the convenience out in a first world set up. All meals I serve her are made from fresh produces that are void of any seasoning. So restaurant meals loaded with MSGs are a definite big no-no. (Babies’ body system cannot handle salt at such a young age!) I don’t want to get jailed at home just because of baby’s inconvenience to food. But I also don’t know how and what to feed her when we’re out.


Eventually, I found a solution to my problem in the form of Thermos and insulated bags. If I can’t buy her a meal outside, I can always bring food from home! Thank the heavens for advanced technology so I don’t fear food spoilage plus, I can serve the food steaming hot as if fresh from the stove. I just need to cook her meal before we head out, pop it in the thermos can or in an insulated bag, and we’re good to go.


So far, I’ve sorted out day trip solutions but I have yet to figure out what to do on long journeys. How do you store food good for 3 to 4 days? I can use disposable bottles for her milk so I don’t have to think about washing or sterilization in that area. But how do you bring food that long that wont spoil? Looks like I might need to research more about storage and baby travel hacks. Can’t wait to share what I’ll discover. Until then!




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