A Dose of Vitamin Sea Adventure

As part of my advocacy in letting my kid see more of the not-your-usual-family-day-mall-day outside world, we went for a sea adventure this time. I figured my toddler, who hates baths by the way, would not appreciate a swimming experience so I opted to go for a different kind of water fun. Being my usual … Continue reading A Dose of Vitamin Sea Adventure


Ready, Set, Don’t Go

Back when I was still single and didn't know how precious sleep was, I was already a bit OC (obsessive compulsive) with things. It showed in the way on how I keep a neat chronological flow during presentations in office meetings before, or even to how I keep my desk clutter free at all times. … Continue reading Ready, Set, Don’t Go

Fun Farm Frolicking

An endless sea of cloudless blue sky and the sun shining bright, the perfect concoction for a quick Sunday getaway. I’ve been itching to bring my daughter outdoors for a recreational activity for a while now. So when my cousin mentioned a farm they went to with her son, I immediately jumped on the idea. … Continue reading Fun Farm Frolicking

Project Bodice and Skirt

After weeks of studying the craft of making clothes, I have decided it is time to apply what I have learned into actual art. After much thumb flexing by scrolling through images after images of fashion pegs on my phone, I found the inspiration to put my skills to the test. *all photos here taken … Continue reading Project Bodice and Skirt