Project Bodice and Skirt

After weeks of studying the craft of making clothes, I have decided it is time to apply what I have learned into actual art. After much thumb flexing by scrolling through images after images of fashion pegs on my phone, I found the inspiration to put my skills to the test.


*all photos here taken from pinterest

I would have tried to make something more but I’m limited to my capacity of what I only know how to make—for now, at least. I’ve also realized that aside from needing to be technically skilled for the task, there is this daunting skill I need to master. How can I be a designer when the only figure I can do is draw a stick figure with three squiggly hairs? I have yet to figure that one still. Before that day comes, I’m going to figure out other things I can refine.

Back to my project, the first thing I did was to take my own measurements. I’m not sure how accurate this is because I’m basically pivoting (literally!) to get figures from myself but this will do for now. I also dug out my mother in law’s boxful of fabrics in the den to practice on (I got permission for this, don’t worry!).


I initially thought of doing a full dress but then opted to do the basic of basics to test the waters before I head on for real designs. So here’s what went down on my first try.

I drafted the pattern for the design that I wanted to create.

After which, I pinned the pattern paper to secure the fabric for easier cutting.

And, cut!


Here’s the fabric after cutting

It doesn’t look flattering at all but once I’m done with it, I hope it will resemble into the exact replica of what I had in mind. I have been seeing only pattern papers throughout our lessons so I wanted to see how a basic bodice looks like when translated into fabric. Now that I’ve got a clear picture, I can go ahead and make the designs I have in mind. Don’t worry, these babies will get their justice. I just need to figure out how to sew. Until then, I’ll keep you posted!




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