Fun Farm Frolicking


An endless sea of cloudless blue sky and the sun shining bright, the perfect concoction for a quick Sunday getaway.

I’ve been itching to bring my daughter outdoors for a recreational activity for a while now. So when my cousin mentioned a farm they went to with her son, I immediately jumped on the idea. Being my usual paranoid self, I went ahead and knocked myself out for things I thought I needed to bring for my daughter. I have at least 5 shirts and leggings packed, citronella spray (to keep the bugs off), baby sunblock, diapers, stroller, portable high chair, and way too many bottles. I also brought 2 cans of thermos to store her food. One is for her lunch, and the other is for her dinner, as I don’t know how long we were staying at the farm. As I always say, better safe than sorry.

We were blessed to have a smooth drive on our way to the farm. The supposed two-hour drive from our place going there was cut down to an hour only. No traffic at all, and probably because it’s a Sunday.


We were greeted with beams of sunshine, lots of greens, and a whole lot of energy from my toddler!


Surprisingly, the place was really clean for a farm. It has pavilions scattered throughout the property where you can eat your meals, or seek shade from the hot sun. The farm doesn’t have any restaurants or canteen inside so you need to bring your food or buy at one of the fast foods establishments along the highway.


One of the Pavilions

As soon as we settled down, we started roaming around the place.

There were roosters clucking around, but mostly are hiding in wherever bushes they could find. The ducks were swimming around in ponds, and they have horses grazing the grasses. You can also find hamsters and rabbits in fences just beside the pond. You can feed them carrots and witness the critters squeal in delight as each of them vie for your attention.

The highlight of the trip for me was watching my toddler having the time of her life chasing ducks and roosters. She can’t walk yet so we were taking turns carrying her. The look on her sunlit face is worth any tiredness that came along with the trip.

We also got the chance to take a ride with Choclat the Carabao. It was just a short round trip around the area. The sun was bearing down its beams like lasers at us but the gentle breeze around makes the experience fun and cool. You can also ride the horses but I took down the offer for the reason that my baby might be too young for the ride.


Overall, it was a very refreshing experience and a breath of fresh air of scenery from city walls and malls. Now that my baby is a toddler, I’m more confident to bring her outdoors. I think I will be doing this more often seeing that I don’t want my kid to grow up around gadgets. I want her to have a normal childhood, one that my husband and I grew up to, and have her engage with nature.

I definitely had fun. I’ll say, on to the next adventure!




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