A Dose of Vitamin Sea Adventure

As part of my advocacy in letting my kid see more of the not-your-usual-family-day-mall-day outside world, we went for a sea adventure this time. I figured my toddler, who hates baths by the way, would not appreciate a swimming experience so I opted to go for a different kind of water fun.

Being my usual paranoid self, I brought my “baby essential kit package” with me. It consists of a lot of change of clothes, bulky diapers, food stowed in thermos cannisters, puff snacks, citronella sprays (to keep the bugs away), sunblock, portable high chair, and our trusty stroller. (Whew!) Good thing hubby is the one who carries it all in a bulky backpack (Teehee!)

A mere half an hour drive from our place, Manila Ocean Park is the ideal place to be as it offers a wide variety of fun activities to do. We arrived earlier than expected (Hurray no-traffic-Sundays!), and were greeted by park staffs selling tickets at the entrance. We chose the Sea Breeze Express attraction package as we do not plan to stay too long in the premise. My poor baby was too excited to sleep in the car on our way to the park that she was soon fighting off sleep to watch the Sea Lion attraction we first went to. It was good to see how much she enjoyed the sea lions and was even clapping along with the audience whenever the sea pups did a stunt.


The sea lion attraction

It has taken me quite awhile to rock her to sleep even though she was very very sleepy because she was way too excited!

We had a quick lunch after she woke up from her nap and we went off to resume with other attractions. I would not recommend going to the penguin show as its only an animation as oppose to what we thought is a live penguin with real show. My baby also screamed her head off during the show probably because the speakers were too loud for her and she kind of got scared so we had to leave the show.

We also went to the World of Creepy Crawlies and Jelly Fish exhibit.


One of the many jelly fishes

While I feed my daughter milk at a coffee shop, hubby is off to the Fish Spa.


The main attraction for me is the huge aquarium with a tunnel underneath so you can walk “inside” with the fishes. You can even dive in the tank to feed the fishes if you want a complete ocean adventure. You can also watch mariners feed penguins if you still have time to spare.

We decided not to go through all the attractions, as my toddler looks ready to hit the sack already. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience for everyone even if my child still cannot appreciate the fishes. Maybe we’ll try again in a few years time!




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