Essential Add-On Items Real Moms Need

If you’re a first time mom like me, you’re probably as overwhelmed as I feel. Nothing can get your world upside down faster than having a screaming baby who cries on every whim, on which you have absolutely no idea why. It’s even harder when you’re a paranoid mom. I remember the day I gave birth to my daughter. I packed 3 duffel bags for our duration in the hospital. I repeat, 3 large Duffel Bags. One bag for baby, myself, and hubby. This is already so cliché but if only I knew what I didn’t back then, everything would probably be a whole lot easier. (Although, I think I will always stay an OA (overacting) mom.) Having the right baby product suddenly seems like a big deal especially with adjusting to a new life with baby on board.


With so many products out on the market nowadays, it does get a bit overwhelming. Especially when you try to shop for baby items at the mall and you are bombarded with thousands of options practically throwing themselves at you from left to right.

Some of my friends who are on the verge on becoming new moms themselves were asking me for things that proved to be useful so they don’t have to waste money on unnecessary products.

Aside from the basic baby items and gadgets such as clothes, bottles, sterilizer, stroller, high chair, etc., these are the add-on items I’ve listed down that I swear by and made motherhood easier.

  1. Medela Freestyle Pump


Photo from google

I’m not one of those moms who can feed directly on demand as my milk supply is very low. What I do to compensate, is pump round the clock (every 3 hours) and collect the milk I managed to squeeze out until I can fill up a bottle to give my daughter. This was my lifesaver during the earlier days when I was still breastfeeding just so my daughter can have access to breast milk.


  1. Sleepsack


You know the part where your baby always kicks off his blanket no matter how carefully you tucked him in only to hear him cry again after awhile because he got cold? This is your salvage. Parents also get a bonus point on actually going to sleep without worrying if the baby’s blanket might get in his face.


  1. Avent Bottle Warmer


Photo from google

This product helped me warm up breast milk I’ve stored from the fridge. Occasionally, my baby enjoys warm formula milk too so this one is an essential item for our household.


  1. Richelle Bath Seat


I love the bath seat better than a baby bathtub! I can bathe my baby without worrying of her toppling to the sides (for earlier days when she still cant sit up without support). It provides great support, and can also serves as a pool floater.


  1. Thermos Canister


This is perfect for when your baby is just starting to eat solids. Just place the cooked meal inside the canister and baby’s food stays warm up to 5 to 7 hours when going out for the day or for long trips.

I am still using all these from birth until present except for the pump (I have stopped breastfeeding when my daughter hit her first birthday).

What are your own essential items that you mommies cant live without?




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