Battle of Feeding the Toddler


A common dilemma in a mom’s journey is coming up with nutritious food to feed her child. What isn’t broadcast however, is the dilemma of actually getting the child to eat the food. I have started feeding my daughter solids when she turned 6 months old. I’m not a good cook but she’s eating them fine whatever I serve her. Recently though, its been a constant battle just getting her to open her mouth. Her once good disposition during mealtimes turned completely upside down. She will literally swat my arm holding her spoon, curve into a ball to prevent me from coming near her mouth, or worse, spit out everything I put in her mouth as soon as I put it in. These days, I’m at wits end just trying to feed her.

This leaves me no choice but to succumb to letting her watch videos (her favorite is Hi-5) while eating. Even then, it’s a constant battle in getting her to swallow food. I don’t know if this sudden change of appetite has something to do with the two new teeth I saw protruding from her lower gums, or a behavioral change. I’ve read somewhere that toddlers her age are trying out their “independence” and will try to assert their own preferences.

I’ve resorted to giving her congee or porridge just so she eats something. I’m continuing giving her ulam/rice toppings as I would normally serve them. I’ve only switched the plain rice to congee. Hopefully, this will just be a phase that will be over sooner than later.




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