Trying Out My Hand at Sewing

Photo taken from Internet

I wanted to try my hand at actually creating a dress and this apron dress caught my eye. It’s an ideal dress for beginners like me as it requires the basic of the basics only. I asked hubby to help me take my measurements for me (instructing him how of course—I am still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight! No rice will grace my dining table anytime soon.)

Personal Measurements taken by hubby (heavily assisted by me) and the pattern paper I used

So this is what I came up with. I only came up with a crop top because I wanted to check the water first how it would turn out after everything is done. I didn’t know this yet at the time, but I made a major mistake with the straps. I used the spare fabric I got from my mother-in-law to practice with.


Pinning the pattern to the fabric with marked sewing allowance
Cutting the fabric
Started sewing. This is one of the  machines we use in fashion school and not my own.
Sewn the hem together

I only recently took out the Brother Sewing Machine my hubby got me from Christmas, and boy was I regretting that I did not get it out sooner! It was completely easy to use that I never wanted to go back to industrial machine that we were using at fashion school. I didn’t want to read an inch thick manual so I just watched from Youtube how to set up the machine. (This is also the reason why it took me this long to take it out from its box). I find it really hard to control the speed when sewing from the industrial machine. The electrical one though, lets you control speed and pace however you like, letting you sew like a pro.

The outcome. I didn’t sew on the lower hem already since this is just a prototype and I only wanted to see how it looks on actual fabric. 

This is the finished product. I know, I could use some more practice. Don’t worry, I’m on it.




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