Off Duty Mom

Lately, I have been slacking off not only in wifely duties, but also in mom duties. The reason may be rooted from watching one too many Korean dramas. It made me slack of from writing at least one blog per week. (hence, why I have posted twice on the last blog to make up for the week I missed.) It also made me missed back in the days when I was single, and doing absolutely everything I want without any baby dictating me when I can binge watch movies. (hint: nowadays, its past 9pm when baby hits the sack)

*Photo from Internet

I have slacked off to the extent that only garlic and onions with a few wispy ginger roots are all that’s left in my quickly becoming malnourished fridge. (Oh how I wish I can make a whole new meal out of garlic and onions. If only!) To my shame, (well, secretly, not really, tee-hee!—cmon, this means more me time!) I have been begging food from my mother-in-law so my daughter can have something to eat. On days when I’m not feeling lazy, I just fry up some fish, and serve that to my daughter. Food is food is food.

*Photo from Internet

I have been seeing post on Pinterest on memes about motherhood and it surprised me how accurate it is. After you laugh head your head off, you realize how true it is. I guess that’s just how motherhood really is. No vacations, and breaks. The reward is somewhere down the road, when you see your child grow into the person you’re going to be proud of.

*Photo from Internet

Note to self:

Give me a few days to calm down from my Korean drama frenzy and ill whip back supermom back in no time.





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