#RomanceClass with Mina Esguerra

I went to a writing seminar/workshop last weekend while hubby took over baby duties (hurrah me time!). I wanted to attend this seminar/workshop to hopefully gain insights from fellow writers.

All aspiring authors, and authors have met in Uno Bookstore. I have to search high and low—literally—for the place since its located at a backyard of a commercial building. It’s a quaint little book café where you can buy local books by local authors, while sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Uno Book Store

Basically, we discussed the book #RomanceClass as our guide throughout the session. For the nerd in me, I find it hard interpreting fiction and realism in a book. For instance, when writing a book, how much fiction is allowed without altering the “realism” of a book? There’s a very thin line separating fiction and fantasy that I couldn’t quite grasp.

Here are some pointers I picked up:

  1. Make your protagonist interesting. No one will want to read about an ordinary boy meeting an ordinary girl, having ordinary romance. Read: BORING
  2. Happy ever after is a must for endings. Unless you are sadistic, go pick up other books if you want a sad ending.
  3. You can finish a book in 3 months time. Give yourself a realistic deadline.
During discussion 

I find workshops and seminars like these refreshing as I take in new insights and thoughts from fellow writers. It’s especially important to find communities like these as a support group, knowing you are not alone.

The whole class came together to snap a photo. *photo credit by chiyurodriguez

Hopefully, I can find the time to juggle raising a toddler, and actually writing a book. Right, both seem impossible. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed!





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