Project Baby Dress

So the reason I’ve been on a temporary hiatus was because I was trying to finish a gown creation for my daughter and I from scratch. I have been studying the art of dressmaking for quite some time now and I thought to go ahead and actually create one. As it happens, my husbands’ cousin was then planning on her 18th birthday debut so I thought this would be the perfect time to show off what I can do (hence the sudden hiatus).

Laying out the fabric and design. The white fabric you see is called haircloth used for making fabrics thick.

Most of the classes I took for dressmaking are about patternmaking. Since I don’t have the luxury of time, I can only take one class per week. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve started taking the sewing class. (Ideally, they should be taken up together.) Basically, I’m sewing on instinct and Youtube tutorials.

Beadings and applique. This was a lot of work! 

I used to secretly mock designers how they charge up customers with seemingly hefty prices just for a custom made dress. Until I became one. The hefty prices? Those are for constructing a pattern, hunting the market for the fabric, cutting the fabric, hand sewing appliques, and the long hours of work that drills a crick in your neck for stooping so long in the sewing machine.

Back Detail

It was daunting, it was intimidating, and it was exhausting.

With the date of the party looming so close, I have half the heart of discontinuing what I’m doing as I’m starting to self doubt if I’m ever going to finish the gowns on time. I was elated that I managed to finish my daughter’s gown, but I was disappointed I wasn’t able to finish mine. I was going for a matchy matchy look for the night but I ended up digging out one of my old gowns from 5 years ago. Its okay though. Thankfully, I have a lot of formal events to go this year so I can still wear the gown I made for myself. The gown I made for my daughter was a bit big in size so… crossing my fingers that it will still fit her by the next occasion!

The finished product. 






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