A Yummy Treat Your Toddler Will Actually Eat

As my toddler’s sense of awareness kicks in, her sense of independency also multiplied by a hundred fold. Recently, I have been struggling to get any form of food into her body. A simple lunch hour can drastically turn into a food tug of war with me on the losing side. It was only now … Continue reading A Yummy Treat Your Toddler Will Actually Eat


Project Baby Dress

So the reason I’ve been on a temporary hiatus was because I was trying to finish a gown creation for my daughter and I from scratch. I have been studying the art of dressmaking for quite some time now and I thought to go ahead and actually create one. As it happens, my husbands’ cousin … Continue reading Project Baby Dress

Off Duty Mom

Lately, I have been slacking off not only in wifely duties, but also in mom duties. The reason may be rooted from watching one too many Korean dramas. It made me slack of from writing at least one blog per week. (hence, why I have posted twice on the last blog to make up for … Continue reading Off Duty Mom

#RomanceClass with Mina Esguerra

I went to a writing seminar/workshop last weekend while hubby took over baby duties (hurrah me time!). I wanted to attend this seminar/workshop to hopefully gain insights from fellow writers. All aspiring authors, and authors have met in Uno Bookstore. I have to search high and low—literally—for the place since its located at a backyard … Continue reading #RomanceClass with Mina Esguerra

Battle of Feeding the Toddler

A common dilemma in a mom’s journey is coming up with nutritious food to feed her child. What isn’t broadcast however, is the dilemma of actually getting the child to eat the food. I have started feeding my daughter solids when she turned 6 months old. I’m not a good cook but she’s eating them … Continue reading Battle of Feeding the Toddler

Trying Out My Hand at Sewing

I wanted to try my hand at actually creating a dress and this apron dress caught my eye. It’s an ideal dress for beginners like me as it requires the basic of the basics only. I asked hubby to help me take my measurements for me (instructing him how of course—I am still not back … Continue reading Trying Out My Hand at Sewing

Recommended Books For Your Little One

What do you read your kid? I am an avid reader myself, so I’m hoping that my kid will also follow in my footsteps. That being said though, I’m at lost when it comes to what age appropriate books should be read to my kid. Sure there are lots of books to choose from, from … Continue reading Recommended Books For Your Little One

Top 5 Creepy Books This Mommy Recommends

I think all moms everywhere would agree with me when I say we just couldn't wait for the baby to go to bed at night so we can sneak off to do actual things that we want. Beside chores, I look forward to locking myself in the closet after the baby sleeps and indulge in … Continue reading Top 5 Creepy Books This Mommy Recommends

Essential Add-On Items Real Moms Need

If you’re a first time mom like me, you’re probably as overwhelmed as I feel. Nothing can get your world upside down faster than having a screaming baby who cries on every whim, on which you have absolutely no idea why. It’s even harder when you’re a paranoid mom. I remember the day I gave … Continue reading Essential Add-On Items Real Moms Need

Toddler Friendly Meal: Healthy Broccoli and Cheese Soup

I’m pretty positive that all moms, at one point have asked this question: What do you feed your kid? Like most moms, I struggle with providing a meal, let alone a healthy balanced one, to my kid. I’m not the type who likes to cook or bake on my free times even before I got … Continue reading Toddler Friendly Meal: Healthy Broccoli and Cheese Soup