A Yummy Treat Your Toddler Will Actually Eat

As my toddler’s sense of awareness kicks in, her sense of independency also multiplied by a hundred fold. Recently, I have been struggling to get any form of food into her body. A simple lunch hour can drastically turn into a food tug of war with me on the losing side. It was only now … Continue reading A Yummy Treat Your Toddler Will Actually Eat


Project Baby Dress

So the reason I’ve been on a temporary hiatus was because I was trying to finish a gown creation for my daughter and I from scratch. I have been studying the art of dressmaking for quite some time now and I thought to go ahead and actually create one. As it happens, my husbands’ cousin … Continue reading Project Baby Dress

Off Duty Mom

Lately, I have been slacking off not only in wifely duties, but also in mom duties. The reason may be rooted from watching one too many Korean dramas. It made me slack of from writing at least one blog per week. (hence, why I have posted twice on the last blog to make up for … Continue reading Off Duty Mom

Battle of Feeding the Toddler

A common dilemma in a mom’s journey is coming up with nutritious food to feed her child. What isn’t broadcast however, is the dilemma of actually getting the child to eat the food. I have started feeding my daughter solids when she turned 6 months old. I’m not a good cook but she’s eating them … Continue reading Battle of Feeding the Toddler

Recommended Books For Your Little One

What do you read your kid? I am an avid reader myself, so I’m hoping that my kid will also follow in my footsteps. That being said though, I’m at lost when it comes to what age appropriate books should be read to my kid. Sure there are lots of books to choose from, from … Continue reading Recommended Books For Your Little One

Essential Add-On Items Real Moms Need

If you’re a first time mom like me, you’re probably as overwhelmed as I feel. Nothing can get your world upside down faster than having a screaming baby who cries on every whim, on which you have absolutely no idea why. It’s even harder when you’re a paranoid mom. I remember the day I gave … Continue reading Essential Add-On Items Real Moms Need

Ready, Set, Don’t Go

Back when I was still single and didn't know how precious sleep was, I was already a bit OC (obsessive compulsive) with things. It showed in the way on how I keep a neat chronological flow during presentations in office meetings before, or even to how I keep my desk clutter free at all times. … Continue reading Ready, Set, Don’t Go

Traveling Mom Hacks

My husband and I have been planning to make a quick out of country get away this summer and I have been constantly racking my brain on coming up with a must-bring list for the possible trip. My baby just turned one so that means she already takes solids. This also means that my top … Continue reading Traveling Mom Hacks

The Life of a Breastfeeding Mom

Today marks exactly a month after I quit breastfeeding my child so I thought to write about breastfeeding. I thought this would elicit a feeling of pure euphoria for me but what I didn't expect is the also the feeling of sadness. For the past year, I have dedicated my life to a 30-minute pumping … Continue reading The Life of a Breastfeeding Mom

Taking Baby Steps Alongside My Baby

  I finally did it. I finally went ahead and enrolled myself to fashion school to satiate my hunger of love for clothes. There’s something about clothes that naturally draws me into its world. I have a feeling it has something to do with projecting a sense of power. You know the part when geeky … Continue reading Taking Baby Steps Alongside My Baby