Project Baby Dress

So the reason I’ve been on a temporary hiatus was because I was trying to finish a gown creation for my daughter and I from scratch. I have been studying the art of dressmaking for quite some time now and I thought to go ahead and actually create one. As it happens, my husbands’ cousin … Continue reading Project Baby Dress


Trying Out My Hand at Sewing

I wanted to try my hand at actually creating a dress and this apron dress caught my eye. It’s an ideal dress for beginners like me as it requires the basic of the basics only. I asked hubby to help me take my measurements for me (instructing him how of course—I am still not back … Continue reading Trying Out My Hand at Sewing

Project Bodice and Skirt

After weeks of studying the craft of making clothes, I have decided it is time to apply what I have learned into actual art. After much thumb flexing by scrolling through images after images of fashion pegs on my phone, I found the inspiration to put my skills to the test. *all photos here taken … Continue reading Project Bodice and Skirt

Fifty Sage of Green

*photo taken from internet I have always been partial on all shades of color green from the lightest to the darkest. So I’m pretty psyched that this year, it’s all about the greenery for pantone. I’m already scheming about the shades and tones of the color that would go perfect for tops and dresses. As … Continue reading Fifty Sage of Green

Sewing on Paper

I remember the first time I drove a car. I was nervous yet excited at the same time. As an eighteen year old, the adrenaline rush of tasting what it’s like to be an independent adult made me feel giddy enough to have a hard time operating the pedals of a manual car. I was … Continue reading Sewing on Paper